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When asked which industry the metaverse is most likely to land in first, games are undoubtedly the most popular answer. Ubisoft, EA, KONAMI… These game manufacturers have already started the layout of NFT and metaverse. compared to traditional tours

The profit model of the players in the game, the difference between the metaverse games is:

1) Based on the governance model of DAO, the dominance of the game is in the hands of the players, and players can jointly decide the game such as

Any update, revision, operation, etc.

2) The earning/incentive model can be continued.

Although, countless chain games are vying for each other. However, in the past development process of Chain Games, it is not difficult to see that many Chain Games have been exhausted. After all, the hot spots in the circle rotate rapidly, and it is not easy to attract users’ attention for a long time.

Introducing the old and bringing forth the new, making users feel interesting and looking forward to it.

Recently, as a decentralized chain game centered on Play to earn, OASIS has made great innovations in gameplay, upgraded the economic model incentives for sustainable development, and seamlessly combined real life with virtual world gameplay, making the P2E model change.

Make it more attractive and create a really fun P2E metaverse.

What are the specific ways of playing this series of OASIS actions? What kind of novel experience will it bring to users?

1. What is OASIS?

OASIS Oasis is the world’s first metaverse construction chain game. It is the first masterpiece on the BSC chain that uses metaverse construction as its ecology and focuses on Play To Earn. “Oasis” represents hope and rebirth. OASIS is willing to bring every user an oasis in their hearts.


The game screen of OASIS is exquisite and smooth, with a strong sense of immersion and excellent experience. Among them, the 3D modeling makes the urban space clear and clear, and the diversified urban scenes provide players with more choices and rights. The integration of social and financial functions greatly meets the psychological needs of players. At the same time, the game logic is simple and clear, easy to use, and play while playing. Earn, great for new players to try.

OASIS is a brand new metaverse ecology of large-scale construction games. Not only can players build any buildings themselves, but players can also create and socialize with friends. In OASIS, virtual communities can also be realized, with transactions, liquidity gains, and love to do. For business people, and for those who love the community, OASIS hopes that more and more people will come together through OASIS to create a virtual carnival that is open to all Metaverse residents across multiple chains, allowing players to enjoy a second life.


OASIS believes that human dreams should not be limited to the world we can see now, but should be the universe we have not explored or even beyond the universe. Based on this, OASIS hopes to enable all users to create whatever they want on the platform,

Which one do you want to play, and also combine the familiar real life scenes with the virtual, so that the gameplay experience is more integrated and smooth,

And they can all get benefits. This idea is to build a new “oasis” of their own with everyone.

home. The specific gameplay of “Oasis” includes:

1. Before the game goes live, building NFTs, such as factories, businesses, and residences, will be sold in the form of blind boxes. All players are organic

Building NFTs with great appreciation value will be extracted. After the game goes live, all buildings require material synthesis.

2. The owner of the factory in the game is like the supplier in the real world. After the player owns the factory, it produces materials for global players. material

The price of the material is completely determined by the market supply and demand, and it is a free market economy.

3. Players purchase materials to synthesize building NFTs to obtain rental income. For example, in the real world, construction can only be carried out after sufficient building materials are prepared, and the income generated can be realized, and more houses can be built to obtain more income.

4. Smart owners can choose a row of plots, and there will be a higher income bonus~

5. If you can’t buy a house, you can also hire “thieves” to “steal” the income of the rich. “steal” or succeed or

If you fail, you can choose to go private, or be arrested and detained at the police station for three days.

6. The owner can hire multiple policemen to patrol. The more policemen, the higher the success rate of defense.

7. Each city has its own landmarks, which are only rented and not sold. Landmarks take the form of auction to determine ownership, the more landmarks you have

of players not only get bonus bonuses, but also participate in mayoral elections.

8. The mayor can get a percentage of all players’ income in each city.

In this gameplay, the “thieves and policemen” in real life are subtly integrated, which not only adds a sense of “down-to-earth” familiarity, but also adds some entertainment and fun, and can also gain benefits from entertainment. It has a strong attraction and love for any gamer.

3.Innovative Economic Mechanisms


With the popularity of the metaverse concept, metaverse chain games have also sprung up, but in the end, most of the chain games are not finished in time. The fundamental reason is that the economic model is not innovative enough and cannot be sustainable. Since its inception, OASIS has been

Designed with sustainable economic model incentives at the core. Here we highlight the highlights:

The BEP-20 token FUC is used in the Oasis, which is also a certificate to enter the Oasis platform. Players can use FUC to buy land, buy materials to synthesize houses, commercial buildings and factory buildings. What needs to be emphasized here is that the FUC required to generate NFT assets in the game will be 100% destroyed. This perfectly realizes the deflationary model of FUC and realizes the steady appreciation of the value of FUC, which will also promote the confidence of players to develop and build oasis, because the economic ecology of oasis is good and sustainable.

In promoting the economic and ecological sustainability of Oasis and FUC, OASIS not only generates NFT assets in the game

In addition to 100% destruction of the required FUC, multiple destruction mechanisms have been innovatively designed, including:

All the 5% handling fee paid by the player to withdraw coins will be destroyed;

All the 3% handling fee charged by Swap pool transactions will be destroyed;

100% of the commission that the player forgets to collect in the game will be destroyed;

The foundation uses 1% of the total transaction fee on the entire network to make regular sales;

Through the above deflation and destruction mechanism, the final circulating FUC will be deflated to 21 million. This not only ensures the sustainability of OASIS, but also helps “Oasis” to gain more players and expand more game ecosystems. Because the design of “Oasis” is different from other games, in order to get more coins, players will move from lying down to moving, and the repair and upgrade mechanism of buildings will also promote the consumption of tokens, which is a perfect virtuous circle. The project will not have inflation because the more players produce more, but will stimulate the enthusiasm of new and old players for entertainment.

OASIS brings new entertainment value and wealth value to users. It is not just a single game, but an autonomous and co-created game metaverse where users build a virtual city and invite players to the oasis to build their homes and play together. . As it is widely expected that P2E and GameFi will flourish in 2022, OASIS, which has innovative gameplay and a more complete economic model ecology, will usher in a big explosion in 2022.

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