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About PaceArt

Founded in 2021, PaceArt is a blockchain-based global digital goods market. PaceArt is positioned as the industry’s leading Decentralized Exchange, providing peer-to-peer transactions of Ethereum non-fungible tokens. The platform sells a wide variety of digital goods, including digital works of art, crypto collections, game items and so on. On the platform, users can buy, sell and exchange NFT with anyone in the world. Goods have multiple categories and are fully monetized and digitized. Since proof of ownership and transaction records are permanently stored on the blockchain, users can become legitimate owners as soon as they have paid. Unlike physical goods, the goods cannot be stolen and sold elsewhere, because the records of ownership and all subsequent records of ownership are permanently recorded on the blockchain. PaceArt, the global NFT digital art trading platform, referring to the characteristics of many NFT platforms, absorbing the essence of each platform, and absorbing the feedback of each user. PaceArt is committed to creating an easy-to-use platform for NFT project parties and enthusiasts.

Advantages of the PaceArt

It is well known that the NFT market currently has a high threshold, high handling fees and high service charges, and low liquidity. The offline NFT Gallery and art retailers cooperated by PaceArt will provide advice and help to buyers. The handling fee is only 1.5% of the service charge and multi-chain operation, so that users always enjoy a low rate. The advantage of PaceArt lies in its automated trading system, which provides round-the-clock liquidity and the best price based on market value. PaceArt has a good relationship with artists all over the world and is committed to bringing well-known artists into meta-universe, so that artists’ traditional paintings can be redistributed through NFT. Providing artists with new ways to connect their fans, and fans can have all kinds of works in the Art Fair more conveniently. In the future, PaceArt will provide value-added services for artists and fans through DAO resumes of artists and fans.

Revolutionary Market For Creators

The PaceArt platform carries out exchanges and cooperation with top artists around the world, including contemporary artist and painter Shen Jingdong, whose artistic creation is widely collected, arousing a strong collection desire of the top stars. Zhang Ziyi bought the oil painting “Workers, Peasants and Soldiers” and Chen Kun bought a work in the “Heroes Series”. There is also Yu Wenle Royal tattoo artist Jose Lopez, the first person in the world to bring realism into tattoos, a famous artist on the West Coast of the United States.

Come to PaceArt and become a unique NFT pioneer collector!

The market prospect of NFT is very promising, coupled with the future development of metaverse, everything is just beginning. PaceArt has a solid technical foundation, and its shareholders have rich art resources, and can gradually introduce artists’ fans to the platform. Especially for some top artists, the platform has exclusive resources. There are also resources for cooperation with major auction houses. Refer to the highlight functions of the NFT head platforms to do better on the shoulders of giants. PaceArt is committed to creating unique art galleries to better interpret the special commodity attributes of art.


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