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With the development of the Metaverse and NFT concepts, GameFi is becoming a Market hotspot.

Axie Infinity, which sells virtual lands, has refreshed the market’s perception of NFT games, and earlier in this year, companies like Decentraland and Sandbox made the market hot.

The equally imaginative NFT game, SupreSpace, has a new Token economy trading and player interaction model that is worth learning about.

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SupreSpace is a virtual world game set up on Earth that allows users to create, experience and monetize content and earn income from the generated Earth Land NFT.

SupreSpace uses NASA data to build an accurate replica of the Earth on which users can freely explore and create their own cities.

SupreSpace’s NFTs represent plots of land on the planet, which then generate revenue through built-in token redistribution and an integrated DeFi staking system.
In the process, gamification and token revenue farming are leveraged to create attractive revenue and token economies for users.

Smart investors will soon realize that the same land investments that have the most global consensus in the real world will also be the direction of wealth chasing in the Metaverse game in the future.

So, when we stop thinking of the game as just a game, you’ll find opportunities that others don’t notice.

SupreSpace Earth is a core part of the emerging Metaverse — a world on virtual earth that uses NFT Earth Land, gamification and token redistribution to create an attractive token economy for traders and investors.

From SupreSpace NFT plots can not only be circulated on the market as art, but through iterations of the SupreSpace game you will be able to build houses, grow food and carry out various other acts of conducting business on your own land, from which you will be able to reap great financial rewards.


NFT owners can use gamification tools such as certificates, avatars, logos, etc. to alter their land. NFT owners can also rent out their land (either rare or simple) This is a liberal society, so all economic activities are allowed, the only limiting factor is that all land-related transactions (including leases, rents, and subleases) must be done using SPACE token.

The dual Token economy model generated by this built-in NFT revenue and DeFi token redistribution system will eventually attract more players to come in and buy NFT land to become SupreSpace Earth landlords, all resulting in a very explosive potential for SPACE token.

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