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Metaverse and NFT have become two popular topics in the blockchain industry since 2021. The NFT token based on the Ethereum protocol such as ERC721 is considered to be a true connection for constructing and achieving the universal integration of various virtual societies in the meta-universe. As a non-homogeneous token, NFT can map virtual items, bring digital ownership, and provide a strong technical guarantee for retaining more ownership of digital products.


OasisMeterverse, which has been quietly working in the blockchain world, has gradually completed the development and testing of multiple products since the entire project plan was made in Q4 of 2020. OasisMetaverse is the world’s first BSC infrastructure ecosystem that includes Swap, Farming, NFT, and GameFi. It is a comprehensive platform that includes multiple branch products such as oasis swap, oasis yield Farming, Oasis NFTs, and Oasis Gamefi.


As an infrastructure platform on the BSC chain, OasisMeterverse is completely decentralized. Based on the meta-universe ecological architecture, the logic of the OasisMeterverse ecology is very fair, transparent and true. Adhering to the core concept of Metaverse+NFT+DeFi (Swap+Farming), OasisMeterverset is committed to providing secure, inclusive, innovative and transparent encrypted open financial services to users around the world.

OasisMeterverse will provide users with a completely different solution from previous centralized transactions. Oasiswap supports the exchange of all tokens on the BSC chain, adding/withdrawing from the liquidity pool, and Oasis NFTs supports that both parties of the exchange can directly conduct peer-to-peer NFT asset transactions and exchanges on the basis of protecting privacy and curbing fraud. Combining the features of OasisMeterverse’s decentralized transactions and information acceleration, it provides a better infrastructure platform for exchange, mining, and NFT transactions in the DeFi Internet financial field.


After the OasisMeterverse project was launched, many consensuses were obtained. At present, there are hacker alliance members from Russia, the United Kingdom, Singapore and other regions to jointly participate in and build the OasisMeterverse project. OasisMeterverse has also received the support of blockchain wallets and funds in many regions, which has provided a large number of users and financial support for the development and growth of OasisMeterverse.


Oasis Metaverse is based on the BSC chain, including Oasiswap and Farming, OasisNFTs, OasisGameFi and other branch products.

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OASISwap is a decentralized trading platform deployed on BSC. Based on the mature capital pool automatic market-making algorithm, the free exchange of digital currency is realized, as well as various mining mechanisms such as liquidity mining and transaction mining. At the same time, participating in various liquidity activities on OASISwap will have the opportunity to obtain OST Token airdrop rewards. (For specific event information, please follow official channels such as Twitter).

OasisMetaverse focuses on NFT Metaverse and GameFi, and will be committed to building the latest blockchain games and NFT financial system for a long time to come. You can spend a small amount of bnb to cast NFTs, cast blind boxes, etc. on OasisNFTs, which only costs a small amount of BNB.

The OasisGameFi platform is currently under development, please pay more attention to our Github product code update.

OasisMeterverse will launch Oasiswap first in the near future, and launch Oasiswap’s platform token OST airdrop.

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