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1、Recently,NFT has become too popular. It has been a lot of gameplay in this field. Many well-known IP s have chosen to release NFT cards. Can you introduce what is NFT at the beginning?


Well, recently, NFT is really too out of the circle, even CCTV recently reported that NFT, said it attracted a lot of money, visible its popularity, NFT is from Europe and the United States to China, many well-known NBA stars, stars, entrepreneurs have participated, so NFT completely broke out this year, to give you a picture of intuitive feeling.

You can see that all NFT transactions are focused on this year, especially recently, which is why we chose to issue NFT at this time point.

Then give a brief introduction to you that NFT,NFT is non-homogeneous tokens. It has irreplaceable, irreplaceable and unique characteristics. Every unique thing such as art and IP, assets can issue the corresponding NFT.

2、Can you introduce us to Helix NFT?Does it have any background?


Helix NFT is the IP game “Heilx Horizon” acquired by Tencent which is a Japanese RPG mobile game integrating formation, combat, strategy, card, beautiful picture and rich plot. All cards issued by Helix NFT are characters in the game.

The game is written by the original Japanese SEGA producer, served as the “chain war” product director as Producer, written by the light novel writer diamond coffee crow world view and plot, with music Zeta bear impression song and all BGM, as well as first-class illustrator involved in picture production, so the quality of the NFT, in all IP should be said to be among the best.

Currently, Helix NFT divides the Heilx Horizon characters into five career series, each with the corresponding NFT cards.

At present, the five major card series in the game are: Helix Band, Oriental Heroine, Vansell Squad , Lionheart Friends,Reyork family. You will get a Super Card after finish a collection.

3、So what are the highlights of the Helix NFT?


Helix NFT is really have rich story, the game spiral line is a real Japanese RPG chain swim, its plot, rich content, in the game can be called T1 level products, the game online attracted many players, now game related BBS and tens of thousands of active players to discuss its content, enough to see its charm.

As we all know, NFT is a place that looks at the number of users. The biggest difference between Heilx Horizon and other chain games is that it has accumulated many user base of 80,000 loyal players. It can be said that it does not worry about traffic in the early stage of the game, which also helps to the prosperity of NFT ecosystem

Heilx Horizon does not do NFT, for NFT, but integrates the overall design idea of the game with NFT cards. Only by perfectly combining them can we truly get the recognition of the majority of users.

And most importantly, Helix NFT also has rich financial attributes.

4、Helix NFT is so excellent, then what are its financial attributes, can it reveal?What is its future value and potential?


OK, Helix NFT is most different from other NFT s is that it has excellent game IP heritage, but also has many rich financial attributes and gameplay.

Many NFT products on the market has no complete story content and story, and Helix NFT fully integrated the game plot itself, the Heilx Horizon is divided into five series production NFT, has just introduced the five series of cards, each series card set can get a special card super rare, set super rare card can get 100% principal return and an exclusive BGM NFT, official will take out more than 50% royalties income for card repurchase, to ensure card value and price in long-term growth.

In addition, collectors with a total value of more than 100ETH will be invited as a special consultant to spiral realm animation, can determine plot development and animation benefit bonus right; collectors with a total value of more than 10ETH can name a character / item / scene in the spiral realm animation and live benefit bonus right of game AI image; collectors with a total value of more than 1ETH will appear in the special thanks list at the end of the animation.

After the subsequent game is launched, players can also get the chain game limited cards / props, GameFi game tokens.Players can gain exciting peripheral rights by trading, collecting, collecting, and buying back programs, which are inaccessible to other NFT cards, enough to support its internal value and make it a hot style NFT.

5、It is so exciting to understand the Helix NFT, so when will it go online?


At present, we have launched two game character avatar as pre-sale, platform is Opensea, I very recommend you to participate in, OpenSea as the largest NFT trading platform, recently, there are rumors of OpenSea platform currency is imminent, most likely is like Uniswap, dYdX, so if not participated in friends at this time, it is best to participate in, incidentally, Helix NFT will also be Opensea key recommended NFT.

You can buy it at Opensea and the link of Helix NFT is, all the card are officially available on September 13, when you can pay more attention to the Opensea platform, or visit to get the latest updates.

In addition, in addition to NFT, GameFi is also one of our future development directions, and the current Helix NFT is highly related to the game.

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