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1、Helix NFT has been very popular. Can you briefly introduce Helix NFT to Helix NFT?


Helix NFT is the NFT, game “Helix Horizon” acquired by Tencent is a card game produced by famous director. It is a Japanese fantasy RPG. integrating formation, combat, strategy, and cards

Helix NFT, invested by X FORCE Foundation and Futures Foundation, takes the new Helix NFT series cards and avatar based on the game IP, and develops GameFi, to finally open a series of games such as Helix Horizon, Helix Waltz, Helix Sega and GameFi Helix Alliance to form the Helix universe.

2、That is to say, Helix NFT has now issued a NFT card. Can you introduce it specifically?


Helix NFT products will be divided into five series according to the characters in the game. Those who may be familiar with the game know Allen and Xiao Chiu, now they have been released on Opensea warm up, and will officially launch all five series of NFT cards based on game characters on 13th.

In addition, these NFT cards have a lot of gameplay, including collecting super cards can get 100% return, and the collection value exceeds a certain value can get the corresponding rewards, and these NFT cards will be an important component of the subsequent GameFi, want to play while earning, it or to collect these NFT.

By the way, Helix NFT will be the key project recommended by OpenSea, please know that Opensea is the absolute unicorn of NFT platform, none. Opensea 37 employees are currently processing 98% of the entire NFT world, so being officially recommended as a key project is enough to see the value of Helix NFT.

3、Just heard you say that Helix NFT will be an important part of GameFi, can you introduce you to GameFi first?


If 2020 is the first year of the DeFi outbreak, then 2021 is undoubtedly the first year of the GameFi outbreak.

GameFi is a Game Finance, to put it simply, GameFi is a DeFi+ chain game, and adding financial elements to the chain game can enable players to earn while playing.It was born due to the popularity of DeFi, NFT, metacverse and other concepts, the new blockchain game concept, let the organic combination of games and NFT and DeFi to form a win-win situation, and realize mutual promotion and mutual empowerment between the three.

GameFi is also an important part of our ecosystem, connecting Helix NFT to the entire spiral meta-universe, while also allowing players to enjoy the game while making money while playing.

4、So, so the Helix NFT card will also be linked with the chain games?Can you tell us about this chain tour?


As we all know, NFT is a place that looks at the number of users. The biggest difference between Helix Horizon and other chain games is that it has accumulated many user bases, which has 80,000 loyal players, which can be said not to worry about traffic in the early stage of the game, which is the basis of the ecological prosperity of NFT and chain games.

Now the chain game how popular, I believe you also know, but recently produced a lot of low quality game products, many chain games are just simple hot spots, with a variety of concepts and slogans, a little adjust the parameters on the online.

I think the fundamental reason for similar phenomenon is that blockchain has open source properties, many developers can easily copy other product code, very low cost makes this type of project can be batch production, behind the team also do not easily dare to do too much original and play innovation, because it means a longer development cycle, and longer cycle means that more new players to participate in consumption to cover cost, in the pace of rapid iteration of blockchain industry, few developers are willing to bear such a risk.

And we are different, Helix Horizon is a very mature Japanese RPG chain swim, beautiful game, rich and unique combat play, and Helix NFT card as cooperation, the overall game ecology will be more rich than other games, playability is very high, various roles, props, sets can trade, pledge, players can obtain GameFi token rewards, so as to get income, realize play while making.

5、Indeed, listen to you say this, both the Helix NFT and the game are very high quality ah, so how is the game planned later?


Helix NFT is actually the beginning of the whole ecology, the NFT card not only created the Japanese style, character NFT, will linkage with the game, is definitely worth collecting high quality NFT, and Helix Horizon is actually the first of the game ecological trilogy, the second spiral dance and the third spiral hero tan can get through, form a complete open spiral yuan universe game world.

In Helix NFT new game ecology, driven by block chain technology economic model will allow consumers to create value, for players, NFT gave the game props real ownership, let really love the game players permanently get the game assets, which can make the game better implement the game with the market, also make the future game assets can circulate in the whole spiral element universe.

6、Heard that the Helix Horizon production committee also intends to launch Helix animation?


Yes, the Helix NFT was originally launched to raise animation set on the spiral realm worldview.Helix Horizon light is a 74 seconds of OP animation spent more than 200,000 US Dollars.

Of course, big investment must have big returns. As a game acquired by Tencent, Helix Horizon has an average daily life of 35,000 during the game operation, a total of 90,000 paid users, and a cumulative revenue of more than 2.5 millions USD. Many users are looking forward to the news that the helix realm line production committee intends to launch the game animation, and we can also expect the online animation in the future.

Therefore, To give back to Helix NFT supporters, The Committee offers special benefits: collectors with a total value of more than 100ETH, Will be invited to be a special advisor to Spiral Line animation, Can determine the plot development, And has the right to share out the animation income and dividends; Collectors with total card holdings worth over 10ETH, It can be named as a character / prop / scene for the Spiral State Line animation genre, And has the game AI image of the live broadcast income dividend right; Collectors with total card holdings worth over 1ETH, It will appear in the special thanks list at the end of the animation.

7、How does Helix NFT guarantee that NFT cards don’t depreciate from inflation?


The Spiral State Line Production Committee produces more than 50% of the monthly royalties revenue for the repurchase and destruction of Helix NFT cards, thus keeping the total NFT cards without inflation and maintaining a stable market circulation, thus ensuring that the value and price of cards grow in the long term.

8、I really can’t wait to participate, can tell you the specific time and way to participate?


About Helix NFT you can directly to Opensea, has launched two characters, are unique Japanese style, now avatar culture fire a lot of people have heard, Japanese diffuse culture and secondary yuan has been a lot of users love field, so this style become hot is just a matter of time, subsequent 13 will launch all NFT card, hold Helix NFT players in GameFi official launch will get the original token drop.

Also, Opensea is likely to send money recently, as the leading NFT trading platform, its attention is the highest in the world, before projects such as Uniswap once air drop, are valuable, so have not participated in friends must not miss, although the Opensea has not yet announced specific air drop rules, but high probability and Uniswap, so you still want to participate in, maybe is extra tens of thousands of US dollars.

As for when the subsequent chain tour will be launched, you can first pay attention to the official website https://www.helixnft. We will have the latest net/, we will release on the official website, thank you.

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