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DAO is currently in vogue, with numerous derivative concepts emerging at an endless pace. Traditional, well-known DAOs include MakerDAO, which achieved fundamental DAO self-governance and released the hugely successful DAI stablecoin. More recently, People and OpenDao’s SOS are all DAOs formed by achieving community consensus through a fixed objective.

DAO is a concept with limitless possibilities, a framework of social collaboration never before seen in history. DAO takes hope as its cornerstone and consensus as its bridge to connect users striving towards a common goal. In contrast to traditional frameworks of centralized human collaboration, DAO puts the rights to all decisions and earnings in the hands of all of its members, directly reducing the corruption seen in centralized organizations that stem from information asymmetry. It is extremely likely that DAO will become the fairest framework for human collaboration in the future.

Various conceptual attempts at DAO have been made in the current market, but the majority of them don’t move beyond the realm of concept. This is especially true of the GameFi sector, where many projects claim that their governing token grants governing and voting rights when the reality is that their revenue sharing feature updates are stalled and user interests are harmed through centralization updates made without DAO resolutions. These projects use the DAO name to prey on small investors, creating a market both hopeful of the DAO concept yet unable to trust it. The result is that DAO is seen as a dispensable concept within the current GameFi market.

Swords & Dungeons occupies a singular place within the current GameFi sector as it really puts DAO into practice that even in the early stages of the project it has already begun to draw users into DAO governance. This is almost unimaginable.

At UTC 10:47 on 1/28/2022, Swords & Dungeons began updating its first story. It is soon followed by its world lore, a grand and magnificent world with a depth as yet unseen in the GameFi market. It is worth your time to learn about it.

Based on its world lore alone, Swords & Dragons could only be considered a slightly sophisticated GameFi project. It wasn’t until 2/7/2022 that the world realized the extent of their ambitions.

At UTC 10:33 on 2/7/2022, Swords & Dungeons began their first round of voting. The voting concerned character behavior that would decide the future direction of the game story. This is by far the best practice I have ever seen of DAO integration in the GameFi sector. I carefully read their whitepaper and realized that the Swords & Dungeons team has a keen understanding of DAO concepts. Their goal is to create a completely decentralized DAO to determine the direction of future game updates, and to use DAO to ensure the permanent continuity of the project. In addition, by voting to determine the direction of the story, it is clear that they have begun to foster a sense of user participation and decision-making even before the project is published. This is a truly innovative move.

Swords & Dungeons is currently in its early stages, but the team’s innovation and deep understanding of DAO will become the ace that guarantees future explosive growth. I trust that the market will ultimately select the best product, and will continue to follow the development of Swords & Dungeons. I hope it will bring a surge of DAO innovation to the GameFi sector and push the market towards a higher level of quality.

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