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Compared with CryptoKitties which was born in 2017, the product of blockchain game and infrastructure of the chain game industry have improved a lot. Game products such as Axie have allowed the number of chain game users to achieve a certain degree of breakthrough.

However, there are too many shoddy competing products, making the future chain game market prospects doubtful, but there is a definite solution.The way is that if you want to really develop the chain game, you need to return to the quality of the game, that is, the content of the game.

The quality of chain games is uneven

With the popularity of chain games, many low-quality game products have been born recently. Many chain games are just wanna hit the hottest issue, with various concepts and slogans. But what they did is just adjusting the parameters and go online.

The return of Helix NFT perfectly solves many problems. And it is not only improve the quality of the game, but also greatly enriched the players after incorporating NFT and other elements.

A new Helix Horizon

A revolutionary Japanese-style RPG with incredible visuals and a star-studded voice cast! Dive into the fantasy world of Helix Horizon and embark on an unforgettable adventure! Our all-new Ring Out combat system and hundreds of stunning characters await you!

Key Game Features

☆ Innovative Ring Out System

Turn the tide of battle with our innovative Ring Out combat mechanics! Master the tactics and defeat your enemies in style!

☆ Co-op Guild Quests

Battle alongside your fellow guild members to take down the most formidable monsters in real-time! Epic 4-player co-op combat awaits you!

☆ Unique Characters

Hundreds of exquisite and unique characters with amazing skills to collect! Recruit your favourite heroes and create the greatest team of heroes to have ever existed!

☆ Exciting Gameplay

Tired of watching your characters in auto-battle modes? Challenge your limits in the PvP Arena or put your tactical skills to the test in our various interactive and co-op quests!

☆ Stellar Voice Cast

Star-studded line-up of 30+ famous Japanese voice actors featuring the likes of Kugimiya Rie, Uchida Aya, Tamura Yukari, Tomatsu Haruka and more!

Helix NFT has always been known for the richness of the game plot and content. The acquisition by Tencent is enough to prove that its game quality is absolutely excellent.

Now, they releases their NFT card that will be integrated into NFT Collections, GameFi and Metaverse of the new Helix games.

Last but not least

In the current field of impetuous chain games, there are too many games that just blindly add new concepts, while ignoring the most important game content and playability. In this regard, the spiral boundary line can definitely dominate the crowd, in terms of content and plot. Crush any competitors.

At the same time, if you want to become a phenomenon-level game product, it must not only be attractive in terms of gameplay, but its tokens must also be valuable capture. The new spiral series of games will consider the generation, distribution, consumption, and destruction mechanisms of tokens when designing GameFi. , And how to generate consideration with game props, how to exchange other ecological general Tokens, clever design can bring more incentives to players, make game assets circulation and appreciation, we firmly believe that as long as the game is well polished, high-quality content itself must be It can become a popular item recognized by the market.

Helix NFT will launch on the homepage of OpeanSea in the middle of September. For more details, please check on https://www.helixnft.net/


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