Wed. Apr 24th, 2024

Volo Capital has invested heavily in Metaverse, and VCC is a development test coin based on Binance Chain.IMG_256The VCC test currency has 100% of the Binance Chain airdrop. During the airdrop, the game + Meta universe is under development.

After the game development is over, VCC will conduct a 1:1 airdrop to all users participating in the airdrop.

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VCC contract address 0x77C3e9Fd77be6FAd40d69A36FC2C4a6399ea9183

VCC (Volo Capital Coin)

A total of 10 billion will be airdropped to the contract address 0x77C3e9Fd77be6FAd40d69A36FC2C4a6399ea9183

You can get a short position by transferring 0 BNB. According to the smart contract, the number of each airdrop will be reduced once, and a wallet address can only participate once.45ba20529476a60fcda50949f78c390VCC smart contract design model

One: 100% airdrop, you can get it by transferring to the smart contract.

Two: The number of airdrops decreases as the number of participants increases.

Three: Holds more than 20 million VCC, there is a dividend of VCC entire network transfer.

Four: No private placement, no pre-sale, and the end of the airdrop will be based on the game development progress.


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