Tue. Jun 18th, 2024

As a hot new thing, NFT has quickly become the focus of more and more people’s attention. NFT can not only encode its authenticity, scarcity, transferability and the meaning of ownership, but also provide a feasible way for the digitization of physical assets through its characteristics. Real assets are mapped to the media container of virtual assets. In the digital economy The wave will continue to detonate the demand for digital assets and digital marketing.

Under the influence of the continuous expansion of the circle, NFT has strong market supply and demand, and has huge growth potential. In 2022, the NFT transaction volume will exceed 100 billion US dollars, and there will be more artwork property rights, and real objects and even real estate will enter the NFT transaction. category.

Therefore, the platform for casting, confirming rights and trading of NFT is sought after by capital. In this context, Treasure (TRA) integrates the Metaverse with NFT assets, opening up a new digital revolution’s wealth soaring dividends.

As an important basic public facility of the Metaverse NFT trading market, TRA provides a connection between consumers and the infrastructure layer for the digital commodity economy. The service fields are more diverse, and the users are relatively more common. It has become a platform for minting and auctioning encrypted NFT assets. Preferred platform.

TRA’s upcoming “Future Fight” game is supported by the international game giant Blizzard Technology. As a part of the development of the Web3.0 ecosystem, TRA uses NFT as a solution for the circulation and trading of game assets, aiming to protect the interests of auction players while realizing data assetization and liquidity.

In addition, TRA, as the most mainstream circulation medium on the Treasure platform, will realize the transaction, circulation, auction and destruction of NFTs. At that time, the liquidity and demand of TRA will increase significantly.

TRA launched the DAO Association joint plan for global players, and is committed to building the world’s most professional, credible, and efficient NFT decentralized trading platform, providing users with comprehensive solutions for NFT asset trading and circulation; using blockchain Empower the game economy and use digitization to boost financial development.

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