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Blockchain has been developing for several years,its technology itself in capacity, scalability, TPS performance index, stability, enough to meet commercial standards,more consideration is how to make blockchain and traditional financial system integration。

Although the financial system as a complex system,it needs to be observed and compared from multiple dimensions, but from the perspective of traditional financial structure, it can be specifically divided into central orientation and market orientation.a central-oriented financial system is more inclined to the intervention of government agencies, while a market-oriented financial system is more inclined to market liberalism.Under the free market economy environment, the transformation and upgrading of financial industry can be accelerated, thus making the economic level in a stable and rapid development.

To overcome implementation difficulties,The Akashic Foundation collaborated with Around The Universe Labs, which was founded in California;After careful research on economic model and market development,The consensus is that “an efficient system must be decentralized or weakly decentralized.Blockchain technology is more suitable for Assets Over IP,Its highly adaptable multi-party collaborative network is the best way for many industries to get rid of centralized dependence.”

With that in mind,TAU came out of nowhere.Gather the power of DeFi+NFT+ sustainable smart contracts,strive to create a more liberal financial environment than currently exists,Promote the derivative and upgrading of the financial industry chain.The free financial market system will be launched in September.

TAU market

In TAU DeFi+NFT ecology, in order to better fit the hot market, different financial service modules such as lending, futures derivatives, asset management and node ecology will be launched. In addition, all types of token assets can be connected on one platform, which eliminates the tedious process and facilitates different asset allocation.Adapt to all kinds of stable, risk investors to participate in it.

In terms of openness,TAU allows any user to develop contracts and publish financial products on the chain.Only after security audit and product performance verification by ecological governance Committee can it be put online.This is to maintain the safety of the products on the chain, but also to bring about a more diversified financial product ecosystem.

It can be said that TAU’s DeFi+NFT space is a place of both risk and opportunity,there are different ways and means of participation for project parties, institutions and individual investors, and everyone can gain value from ecology.

But for the average investor,many DeFi+NFT markets are more like a financial plus technical product, and there are certain difficulties in understanding and acquiring its information, as well as certain entry and operation thresholds.As a result, Global Trajectory has built a free financial service with low barriers and high liquidity——Sustainable smart contract market.

Personification of value——Sustainable smart contract market

It’s a free, simple, open financial platform where anyone can join in and get the value they want after learning the rules for a few minutes.The sustainable smart contract market was launched in the early days of the TAU ecosystem.Its purpose is on the one hand to carry out the main network performance pressure test, on the other hand to provide a simple financial transaction market, convenient for users to enter the ring and early value accumulation.

In the market,Users can directly invest in USDT to start the periodical circulation of assets, and at the end of the circulation cycle, smart contracts will return assets and circulation rewards.The whole process is carried out by the smart contract. Because of its characteristic that at the end of each circulation cycle, the smart contract will start the environmental detection and enter the cycle of the next circulation cycle, it is called the sustainable smart contract.

Throughout the circulation cycle,there is no human intervention, the use of code to ensure absolute justice and fairness, remove rule loopholes and cheating, any user can find their own value in the market.

After several years of technology development and model validation,The trust mechanism established by TAU not only ensures the accuracy of market information, but also enables seamless point-to-point transactions between users and assets, and establishes a financial market with free circulation to accelerate the establishment of the liberal market ecosystem.

TAU’s future decentralized collaboration is mainly in finance,but it goes beyond finance.Together we look forward to the launch in September, entering TAU and exploring the blue sea of value in world finance.

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