Sat. Jun 15th, 2024

On March 24, the “one world” DC China core miner conference was held in Shenzhen.

Jenny, director of DC foundation, said in her speech that the foundation is committed to the development, construction and governance of DC chain. Starting from the sustainability of autonomous community projects, the effectiveness of management and the safety of fund-raising, the foundation promotes the safe, harmonious and prosperous development of open source ecological society by formulating a good governance structure.

Researcher Shanshui of Hainan pilot blockchain Research Center explained the breakthrough and development strategy of DC cross chain technology in simple terms. He said that digital circulation is a data circulation conversion system jointly developed by some members of Boca’s technical team and geeks from many countries. It can really link all public chains that were once non interactive, and realize data circulation conversion between each other while improving the speed.

Digital circulation puts forward the new ecological concept of matching blockchain 3.0 technology, which will build an ecosystem based on Boca technology and eventually surpass Boca, and then realize the “one world” under the blockchain network. DC is a built-in native encrypted digital token of digital circulation network, which can be used for transaction, settlement and smart contract performance on the chain. DC foundation has customized a complete set of commercial ecological landing system around DC. DC runs through all links of the system and plays an important role in value circulation, service purchase, return and interaction.

It is reported that DC network is expected to go online in late April. In the future, DC will contribute a lot of social value in the fields of enterprise chain reform, decentralized finance and distributed storage.

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