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The new round of scientific and technological revolution is accelerating, and financial technology is booming, providing a source of continuous impetus for the transformation and upgrading of financial industry.Relying on the application of big data, blockchain, cloud computing and other technologies in the financial field, traditional financial enterprises are facing the change of optimizing operation efficiency, improving financial products and business model. In addition, blockchain plays an important role in Inclusive Finance and optimizing digital financial structure.


First of all, before we understand what kind of solutions blockchain technology can provide for traditional finance, we need to understand what drawbacks and pain points of traditional finance exist.

First, the traditional financial system has the problem of the accuracy of investor management. We all hope that it can manage investors’ investment ability and risk control ability more accurately, and we can truly understand investors’ suitability information through blockchain technology.

Second, the initiative of traditional financial institutions. At present, the traditional financial investment is more in pursuit of what kind of needs users have and what kind of services institutions should provide users. In this process, the role of financial institutions is quite passive. In fact, we can make use of the active understanding of customers and the understanding of product risks to make a very good fit with customers and actively help users provide such services.

Third, the openness and transparency of information. In the process of financial investment, the whole process of the cycle needs to be disclosed. In terms of supervision, we need to know the process of the transaction and whether the contract is true or not; Investors want to know whether the investment target and the product are real. Even some financial institutions very much want to know whether the appropriate information provided by users is true. They can link all these technologies through the blockchain technology. All participants, people participating in the environment and institutions can get the information they need from the blockchain technology.

Fourth, the inclusiveness of financial services. And this needs to mention the cost. When traditional asset management companies or financial institutions provide financial services to users, they are more offline financial planners or provide products online for users to choose from. However, this process is relatively expensive and it is impossible to provide services to all the public.

After understanding the above-mentioned traditional financial pains and disadvantages, blockchains can use targeted programs to carry out an unprecedented financial system change. DeFi, for example, is a new financial system that uses efficient cryptography, decentralization and blockchain. It can access well-known financial services in a more effective, fair and open manner, complete payments, loans and transactions, and can almost replace the original financial system in the digital field. Correspondingly, how to use DeFi technology and use all its advantages to shape a new financial structure are the questions we need to think about. 1f07f9da587150ac78ad5659d53afa4

A new perspective of digital Finance, TK

After fully understanding DeFi’s capabilities, the TK Labs team will enter from another perspective, from the standpoint of large middle-class investors and bottom investors with limited capital. Through DeFi, it builds an open community without thresholds, trying to solve the dilemma faced by ordinary investors around the world dealing with the current financial system and centralized blockchain contracts: monopolies, regionality, volatility, opacity, and privacy protection.

In the TK ecology, a start-up method similar to FairLaunch is used without pre-excavated and unsold. It means that all investors can participate in the fair start-up of the TK with the same position and opportunity. And the TK team does not have any tokens reserved, and all value enters the market.

In addition, TK mainly provides a non threshold, broader, high value-added and scarce asset digital platform. In the TK ecosystem, users convert their assets into TK and add them into the liquidity pool or pledge to mine and continuously produce value. There are only 10000. TK tokens without any means of additional issuance, which means that TK tokens also have the same scarcity and hard currency attributes as diamonds.

In the traditional financial system, any asset of the user can not avoid the volatility of the whole economy, and the trading action is limited by regulation or rules. TK benefits from the blockchain network, which can generate transactions around the world without supervision and achieve barrier free capital flow. Because of the removal of centralized institutions, there is no threshold for TK investment. Investors can participate in any number of assets, and can hold TK tokens for a long time through the characteristics of scarcity, thus becoming a truly inclusive financial system.

As a high-value asset token platform with no threshold, no center and fair start, TK combines the mature financial structure + defi architecture, and relies on the rich financial product design experience and portfolio ability of TK labs team to create an innovative cross-border investment product, aiming at serving high-quality investors around the world and bringing better benefits to blockchain A fairer financial model.

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