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The SPF decentralized fog computing platform, which is coordinated by the fog computing network and the blockchain system, aims to establish a network that can connect any device with computing power in the world, and anyone can contribute or use what it needs Computing power. As the current cutting-edge network technology, fog computing will become an important innovation in blockchain computing, and high hopes are placed. According to the SPF global community news, as the SPF technical team has completed the technical deployment, the SPF test network will be launched soon.

It is said that the SPF decentralized fog computing platform test network will be dedicated to the four main directions of system architecture, privacy protection, resource consumption and consensus mechanism testing, and finally build a fully intelligent thing that combines the fog computing network and the blockchain system. The cold start of the SPF test network signifies that SPF has entered the public test phase. Before the official release of the SPF decentralized fog computing network, the test network will be tested by global enthusiastic validators to establish nodes, conduct TPS stability tests on a global scale, and pass the network of nodes, exchanges, wallets, and public chains. Data connection test between the two to find out the problem and optimize.

SPF is a brand new dedicated blockchain network that provides a system for verification, identification of computing equipment, management and provision of computing power circulation services, and a more scalable system. SPF is compatible with the relatively mature Ethereum mainnet, so that most of Ethereum’s dApps, ecosystem components and tools will be compatible with SPF.

Through technologies such as K8S and Docker containers, SPF has innovated and developed a DCPP protocol designed for the interconnection of large-area computing devices with unequal computing power. The DCPP protocol unifies a variety of communication protocols on the market in terms of data format, synchronization mode, transmission speed, transmission steps, error detection and correction methods, and control character definitions, making the SPF fog computing platform compatible with dozens of manufacturers on the market to the greatest extent Run on existing equipment provided. This breakthrough technology allows future SPF network participants to freely choose between hardware suppliers, and can cover various peripheral hardware to the maximum extent, and contribute the required computing power for SPF fog computing.


The entire SPF overlay network layer is a P2P network composed of multiple computing devices. The nodes in the overlay network layer are divided into multiple clusters. The master node in each cluster is deployed as a public chain node, and data between multiple parties is realized through the public chain. Sharing and transmission of access control information. The SPF fog computing network needs to be specifically designed in combination with the characteristics of different scenarios, which is very flexible.

SPF fog computing will bring dramatic changes to the development of multiple industries and fields, such as online video, smart cars, drone remote control, 3D virtual reality games, industrial control systems, smart city management, etc., helping all walks of life Digital transformation.

The SPF decentralized fog computing platform aims at the collaborative combination of fog computing networks and blockchain systems, and focuses on the characteristics of blockchain data that cannot be tampered with and multi-party secure interaction, and solves data credible storage, credible computing, and credible data transmission and systems. Issues such as credible management. According to the SPF technology development plan, after the SPF test network is debugged and stabilized, the SPF decentralized fog computing main network will soon enter the online schedule. The SPF test network will lay a solid foundation for the safe, stable and efficient operation of SPF fog computing.

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