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Swords & Dungeons is a cutting-edge product based on the GameFi 2.0 concept that satisfies P2E without sacrificing playability or rich social features.

This is a MMORPG that features an expansive game world comprised of many kingdoms and neutral territories. Players can take on many different roles in the game, including King, Lord, Merchant, Craftsman, and Civilian. There is sure to be one that’s right for you.

This is also a DeFi game with tons of P2E channels. From the standard mining feature in DeFi games to the grinding feature in traditional MMORPG, from the sweet satisfaction of crafting professions to bloody conquest on global battlefields, this game has it all. We have also designed many difficult dungeons for players to challenge their limits and win mega P2E returns. Read below for exclusive P2E tips for different in-game roles:


  • To become a King, players must place a successful bid on the ownership of a kingdom. Kings will receive taxes from all of their subjects and are responsible for successfully governing their kingdoms.

  • Kings should recruit talented personnel to their side to ensure that all subjects benefit from the kingdom’s development.

  • P2E process exclusive to Kings:



  • Each kingdom has a number of Resource Isles that players can enter to gain the corresponding resources at a higher rate, thereby increasing P2E efficiency. When entering a Resource Isle, players must pay an entrance fee to the Isle Lord.

  • Players with a Resource Isle Certificate can compete to become the Isle Lord for a period of time.

  • It is possible for players to be a King and Lord simultaneously.

  • P2E process exclusive to Lords:



● Players can invest SND tokens to learn crafting skills to get corresponding abilities. These players will be called Craftsmen.

● The items crafted by craftsmen are always in demand throughout the game. For example, Teleportation Scrolls allow players to teleport to certain areas; Enhance Masters can craft Enhancement Crystals that are used to enhance gear; and Gem Masters can craft Gems that can be socketed into gears.

● Craftsmen can use their professions to sell items or provide crafting services to other players for a fee.

● P2E process exclusive to craftsmen:


Game systems such as Dungeons, Arena and Kingdom War are being developed at full stretch. On top of carrying out P2E, players will be immersed in a magnificent game world and experience a true and authentic Metaverse GameFi 2.0.

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