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Many deficiencies have emerged in all current blockchain projects, including low overall energy efficiency, poor performance or limitations, and lack of mature management mechanisms. Although the advantages and disadvantages of blockchain are worth studying, the focus here is on the challenges that distributed payment systems will inevitably encounter. Existing blockchain networks have problems such as large amounts of centralization, insufficient sharing, and expensive transaction fees. Such problems have also led to relatively congestion of streaming media such as audio and video, and it is difficult to achieve real-time streaming media.

MMC (Multidimensional Chain) is a brand new blockchain network architecture that can solve these problems. MMC is a network composed of many independent blockchains in different spaces. Space runs under the support of BFT. MMC BFT is a Byzantine-like fault-tolerant security consensus engine with high performance and consistency, and it can stop malicious saboteurs under a strict bifurcation accountability mechanism.

The development history and strategic planning of Multidimensional Chain

July 2018 Market research, structure demonstration

December 2018 Establish a basic economic model

May 2019 Complete the draft of the white paper

December 2019 Completed the first round of financing

In May 2020, the developer community is established

July 2020 Seed community construction, community voting

November 2020 The main network test network goes online, and the user autonomous system proposal is submitted

April 2021 The second round of financing has been completed to improve the interfaces of various ecosystems

In August 2021, IPOS traffic mining was opened, and the first strategic product was officially launched

October 2021 The main network is officially launched

July 2022 Github developer community expansion, second strategic product model determined

2023 Q2 DAPP Technology Community Development Competition

In Q4 of 2023, version 2.0 will be iterated, and the ecosystem will be fully updated. The main chain officially supports the decentralized cross-chain of ETH and BTC

Q2 2024 Open the financial construction route to complete the third-party expansion and form an ecological closed loop

In 2025, complete the public chain api interface and fully integrate and serve global enterprises

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