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Official news, Rlink global IDO public pre-sale is about to start. Rlink is the world’s first decentralized address relationship oracle and has the world’s first NFT digital identity system. SocialFi platform Rlink platform token RLT issues 2.6 billion complete DAO community autonomous co-construction pool, using the core technology of decentralized address relationship underlying oracle machine, based on the evm mechanism, any project contract under any public chain records the invitation relationship and automatically rebates, yes The application foundation of SocialFi + Web3.0 ecology, the only oracle system in the world that can record and query relational data. The entire network is the first to create a quadruple deflationary destruction and IDO-NFT premium turbo mechanism.


It is reported that the core of Rlink oracle technology is completely based on the native data of the blockchain itself, creating the dimension of relational data and user data that has never existed in the blockchain, and incubating the entire decentralized SocialFi social financial ecosystem, thereby realizing data value. Safe, transparent and traceable.

At present, Rlink has completed a $400,000 seed round of financing, and SevenXVentures, Puzzle, Jary Ngan (Delphi Digital), Bitbyte.finance, and Avi Zurlo (Delphi Digital) participated in the investment. This round of financing is used to complete the upgrade from the 1.0 version of the mainnet adapter to the 2.0 multi-chain oracle system. Rlink will be able to complete data interaction between different mainnets. The capital participating in this round of financing will act as a verification node in the 2.0 system.


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Token Economics:

Rlink is the next-generation SocialFi traffic aggregator. It is a platform token issued by the community autonomously and fairly, with a 100% decentralized capital pool, open source contracts, discarded LP permissions, and contract keys that no one owns. Five simple functions occur during each transaction: FOMO, LP collection, static rewards, invitation rewards, and black hole destruction.


Ten mechanisms:

★Purchase limit★Floating rate★Static reward★Invitation reward

★Automatic LP ★FOMO pool repurchase mechanism ★FOMO pool reward mechanism

★Four-fold deflation ★Prevent crash ★Safety mechanism

Handling fee:

The minimum fee for a single transaction is 9% and the maximum is 13%. Among them, 3%-4% FOMO bonus pool, 1% black hole, 1% automatic LP lock liquidity pool, 2%-3% token holding reward, 2%-4% invitation reward

Purchase Limit:

In order to effectively prevent the birth of whales, the maximum single purchase is limited to 1/10,000 of the total issued tokens.

Floating rate:

The fee rate is determined according to the health status of the liquidity pool, and a stable balance mechanism is innovated.

* When the liquidity pool is less than or equal to 3 million USDT, the rate is 13%

* When more than 3 million USDT ≤ 6 million USDT, the rate is 11%

* When more than 6 million USDT, the rate is 9%

Motion Rewards:

Static reward: 2%-3% of all transaction fees are distributed to token holders (in local currency)

Dynamic Rewards: Referrers get 2%-4% of all direct transaction transaction fees. (in USDT)

Auto LP:

1% of each transaction fee is locked by automated LPs as liquidity in the pancake RLT/USDT pool, creating a rising price floor.

To prevent tax avoidance:

In addition to buying and selling in PancakeSwap, other transfers are also regarded as selling, and transfer fees are charged.

FOMO Prize Pool:

3%-4% of any buy and sell is continuously added to the FOMO bonus pool contract account. If no one purchases tokens within 2 hours, 50% of the FOMO bonus pool will be awarded to the last valid token purchaser. (Need to meet the position of not less than 10,000 RLT or the amount ≥ 100USDT) the remaining 20% reserved, 15% black hole, 10% technical team, 5% daily TOP 3 rewards

FOMO Vault:

In order to reduce the risk of hackers and make better use of the USDT in the bonus pool, when the FOMO pool accumulates ≥ 100,000 USDT, manually call the contract function to trigger a 50% redistribution of the bonus pool, of which 40% goes to the RLINK vault for repurchase and destruction on the secondary disk Token. 10% goes into the Dao director fund pool to reward community contributors, and the remaining 50% goes into the next round of accumulation

Prevent smashing:

Because the token distribution ratio is clear and verifiable, the team does not hold any tokens, and there is no excess circulating chips in the market. Each transaction is super deflationary and destroyed and LP is automatically returned. Secondly, the RLINK vault is used for repurchase and destruction on the secondary disk in real time, so The second level of RLT will always be in a spiral upward trend, with a real bottom and boundless rise.


Security Mechanism:

The initial liquidity pool LP and each transaction will generate an automatic LP transfer to the black hole address, and the liquidity has been permanently locked by PancakeSwap. The contract open source has passed the CERTIK audit, giving up administrator rights.

WebSite: https://rlink.link/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Rlink_work

Telegram: https://t.me/Rlink_work

Audit Report: https://www.certik.org/projects/rlink

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