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On September 13, BG Trade and BlockNews organized a side event on ‘’Web3 and Real World Asset Tokenization’’’ in Singapore for Token 2049, where the two brought hundreds of people together. Many of the leading Web3 representatives have given a speech to the public and attended the roundtable discussion, including BG Trade CMO Hakan、 EOS Network CEO Yves La Rose、MIIX CEO Wayne、Metabit Co-founder Adam Li、Starfish Technologies CEO Paul Wong、Hashrate Asset Group CFO Joe Su、Pandora Finance CEO Pushkar Vohra、Xhash COO Frank Feng、Quest Ventures Partner Anqi liu, e.g.

During the vent, BG Trade CMO Hakan、 EOS Network CEO  Yves La Rose、MIIX CEO Wayne、Starfish Technologies CEO Paul Wong have conveyed their thoughts of Web3 and RWA tokenization. Beside, in the roundtable discussion, the project managers from Metabit、Hashrate Asset Group、Pandora Finance、Xhash、Quest Ventures have discussed the topics including Integration of Real Assets in the Web3 Era.

BG Trade CMO Hakan says,in the real world,People need to go through many complex procedures when purchasing real assets such as bonds, stocks and commodities. However, the emergence of RWA not only simplifies the cumbersome procedures required to purchase real-world assets like bonds but also brings many benefits to traditional real-world assets, such as increased efficiency, enhanced transparency, and optimized liquidity management. BG Trade will combine real asset tokenization with the cryptocurrency ecosystem, leveraging the advantages of blockchain to iterate traditional financial instruments for innovation, providing investors with more opportunities and asset flexibility.

EOS Network CEO Yves La Rose, on both a technical and policy level, provided insights into RWA. He stated that the future prospects of RWA are very promising. According to data provided by institutions, tokenised assets are projected to reach $16 trillion by 2030. Moreover, most businesses are looking to tokenize their assets in the coming years. By integrating RWA into the cryptocurrency space, the development of centralized finance will become more diversified. However, for the average person, the industry’s entry barriers remain quite high, as users need to grasp a significant amount of blockchain knowledge. Addressing the issue of high entry barriers through technological solutions remains a top priority. Currently, multiple projects have proposed solutions and are attempting to engage with governments for resolution. When business, policy, and technology intersect, the market demand for RWA tokenized products becomes even stronger.

Starfish Technologies CEO Paul Wong believes that in the Web3 era, stable software and reliable services hold great value. SAAS technology can provide professionals with significant traffic benefits, as well as flexible, convenient, and cost-effective software services, either in Web2 or Web3. Starfish Technologies was founded with the aim of reducing the technical and operational costs for industry innovation teams, enabling professionals to easily create their personalized DEX (Decentralized Exchange). The team looks forward to providing services to more innovative teams in the future and will continue to focus on building the industry ecosystem.

Regarding the RWA track, MIIX CEO Wayne’s perspective is that RWA is poised to be one of the most valuable assets in the future, and the RWA ecosystem is continually improving. Many large traditional institutions are already strategically positioning themselves in the RWA space. In order to further strengthen the PWA ecosystem, MIIX has developed a dedicated RWA chain. This will facilitate the securitization and tokenisation of real-world assets while ensuring the compliance and security of investor assets.

Subsequently, representatives from Metabit, Hashrate Asset Group, Pandora Finance, Xhash, and Quest Ventures engaged in a roundtable discussion on the theme of ‘Exploring Real-World Asset Integration in the Web3 Landscape.’ They discussed the challenges and opportunities faced by RWA and shared their experiences and insights on compliance, security, user education, digitization, and other aspects related to RWA.

With the continuous development of the RWA, PWA is also entering a new stage. According to incomplete statistics, as of September 2023, RWA has become the 10th largest category in DeFi, with a total value locked worth billions of dollars. In the future, guest representatives will continue to explore the value of RWA, contribute to the industry’s growth and further propel the development of the global Web3 industry.

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