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The hottest project in the market recently is undoubtedly a kind of DIN DAO with public welfare as the main DAO organization. We call it Ding Dao, and in English it is DAO IN NEED. The DAO organization, which means helping each other, is actually a public welfare fund organization. It is a DAO organization jointly initiated by public welfare organizations in 12 countries around the world.

Singapore is a place where the world converges and a fertile ground for blockchain. With the help of blockchain technology, non-profit organizations have introduced the form of DAO into it. It can be said that once it is issued, the market has aroused heated discussions. Especially in the Southeast Asian market, it is even more madly sought after.

Let’s analyze from several dimensions why Ding Dao can emerge suddenly. A lot of attention:

DIN GRANTS originated in Singapore, led by the Global Mutual Aid Association and co-sponsored by 12 countries. As the first public welfare DAO project on the entire network, it deeply integrates the operation public welfare fundraising model of “DAO collaboration + community finance + community capitalization + incubation empowerment”, which is truly jointly initiated by the community and launched on a decentralized platform. , community distributed collaboration and on-chain governance. Helping organizations and individuals in need around the world

Ding Dao is a social finance, social finance has become a new outlet, and the blockchain as a whole is in a bear market stage, but social finance, as an emerging sector, has shown good results. Ding Dao stepped on the wind, and received the attention of the Silicon Valley blockchain venture capital in the United States from the beginning of the project. At the same time, he also obtained the support of government funds in Singapore, and was favored by many blockchain financial institutions. It can be regarded as the absolute right time and place.

From a technical point of view, Ding Dao publishes each donation on the Internet based on blockchain technology, making public welfare more transparent, with evidence to check, and notarized on the data chain. This also creates the advantage of Ding Dao itself. People are more transparent about the new blockchain, and public welfare is also a way of life in mainstream societies such as Singapore. Foreigners love public welfare more.

Finally, we analyze at the community level. Since more communities are tired of local dogs, can they find real blockchain application projects? This topic has always revolved around the blockchain world, and the community hopes to find a thread in the bear market winter. Sunlight. Today’s Ding Dao is a touch of warmth in the cold winter, a blockchain project with warmth, a high-quality project that shines through Asia and illuminates the world.

A blockchain project with feelings, warmth and love has instantly occupied this market, so in 2022, DIN DAO{ dingdao } will definitely lead the new trend of the industry.

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