Sat. Jun 15th, 2024

MMC multi-dimensional symbiosis chain is a blockchain borderless business network ecosystem for the future digital economy. The MMC multi-dimensional symbiosis chain is composed of a series of agreements and innovative methods. It is committed to establishing a digital payment ecosystem integrated with the existing blockchain ecosystem. It will serve as the infrastructure and connector of ecological payment, effective collaboration and mutual data sources. Connect, and provide a complete basic technology and infrastructure for various distributed application services.

The MMC multi-dimensional symbiosis chain was built by the world’s top technical team (mainly Riccardo Spagni) for three years and spent millions of dollars. There are more than 30 main core members, distributed in the United Kingdom, the United States, India, and Singapore. In many countries and regions such as China, many core members have participated in the underlying development of multiple public chains such as Ethereum, XMR, ZEC, etc. The developer community has 1,000+ developers, contributed over 500,000 lines of code, and is still contributing and expanding Medium (underlying technology as evaluation).

The technological innovation of MultidimensionalChain has realized and included cross-chain technology, zero-knowledge proof, anonymous attributes, one-time accounts, Byzantine fault tolerance protocol, 10000+ lightspeed TPS+ unlimited expansion, multi-signature, anonymous transfer, etc., and at the same time solves the impossible of blockchain The problem of triangle iteration.

The ecological layout of MultidimensionalChain is one-click distribution chain, including one-click deployment: exclusive blockchain, one-click deployment: personalized smart contract. MMC multi-dimensional digital mall, anti-counterfeiting traceability, non-Turing complete smart contract, decentralized exchange (DEX), cross-chain exchange (XCX), DEFI decentralized finance, DAPP, IPOS active deflation mining mechanism.

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