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As the current best space for games development, especially blockchain games, the Metaverse, a space that is completely different from the real world, has produced many high-quality game projects.

The metaverse provides a platform for games, and various games inject creativity and infinite vitality into the metaverse. However, although metaverse games are common, multi- chain metaverse games are not yet common to be seen.

On XXXX, the first metaverse multi-chain series game Bitcoin Castle will be launched soon. In this game, players can use NFT heroes and artifacts earned by themselves to kill monsters, complete tasks, pass levels, and get corresponding tokens and rare item rewards. Earn income, and realize Play to Earn.

Game type: match-3 + card battle + role-playing + metaverse game

Economic model: sustainable token dual economic system + native trading market and NFT value upgrade system

Token Model: Dual Currency Combination (BTCC+BTTE)

Game official website:


Background of the project

Bitcoin Castle is the first game of the Metaverse original world series game “Bit Civilization”. Through the game mode of match 3 + card battle, it helps players to eliminate enemies, obtain rewards and increase profits in the game world. Its ecology includes Metaverse, NFT, GameFi, digital identity, games created by the community and DAO.

The “Bit Civilization” series are native games in the metaverse world with the background of “Bit Civilization”. Defined and shared by the community through a sustainable economic system. At the same time, both Bitcoin Castle and other games in the series of on-chain games are built on the underlying public chain of the Genesis Metaverse application – Metaverse Chain.

Metaverse Chain is a metaverse public chain invested by Ark Invest Capital. Bitcoin Castle game token BTCC is also the first multi-ecological permitted token on Metaverse Chain. It will be fully circulated in the gradually expanding Metaverse of Bitcoin Castle. .

Today’s Bitcoin Castle is still in the warm-up stage. How to make money and equipment in the game, and how to buy NFTs and make transactions outside the game? We will analyze this game from the following dimensions:

1. Gameplay

2. The specific operation of the game

3. Data and economic model analysis

1. Bitcoin Castle gameplay:

Game official website:

1. Connect the online wallet and related information on the official website

2. Purchase the tokens required for the game

3. Draw through the purchase of mystery boxes, or trade heroes and artifact NFTs in the secondary market

4. Create an account

5. Download the game login client

6. Bind the wallet in the game

7. Combine heroes and artifact NFTs into battle decks, complete tasks, PVP competitions, etc. through decks to earn more tokens and rare items

8. The drawn and won NFT heroes and artifacts can be traded again in the game market

2. Bitcoin Castle specific gameplay

Daily tasks + PVE battle-based fantasy continent multiplayer gameplay

The metaverse three-dimensional world of four-tour linkage + NFT value exchange


mission accomplished:

The tasks in Bitcoin Castle are divided into 4 types: map tasks, plan tasks, daily tasks and exploration tasks. These missions are available for daily participation.

Map tasks: Challenge the PVE level through the combination of NFT heroes and artifact cards, eliminate runestones to damage monsters and defeat monsters.

Consumption: Adventure Stamina

Rewards: Hero upgrade materials, battle props production materials, diamonds (for purchasing props, drawing cards)


Planned tasks: including exploring the map, killing monsters, building upgrades, card upgrades, etc.

Consumption: The stamina required for the corresponding task

Rewards: Hero upgrade materials, battle props production materials, and plan tasks are all completed to unlock all maps of the main city.

Daily tasks: One-time daily tasks located in the “Tasks” column, including: world expedition, resource upgrade and production, base construction, prop manufacturing, hero training, etc.

Consumption: The physical strength/materials required for the corresponding task

Rewards: food for training and upgrading heroes, ores for building and upgrading buildings


Exploration missions: Missions will be updated from time to time on the “Explore” page. Exploration missions have different time limits.

Consumption: Adventure Stamina

Rewards: food, ore, upgrade and crafting materials, talent emblem (obtained in chapters unlocked by players after level 15)



Arena is another important way to get in-game resources, NFT and token rewards in addition to tasks. It is divided into two types: daily battles with global rankings and league battles.


Arena is another important way to get in-game resources, NFT and token rewards in addition to tasks. It is divided into two types: daily battles with global rankings and league battles.

Consumption: Economic stamina, 6 times a day

Daily Challenge Rewards: The top 10 players will be rewarded with game tokens and bitcoins, and subsequent rankings on the ranking board will be rewarded with corresponding game tokens. (The daily challenge rewards of the arena will be distributed daily according to the ranking of the total list)

League battle rewards: According to the ranking, players will get different loot boxes, which contain hero upgrades, battle props production materials, talent emblems and other trophies.


Summoning system and NFT trading market:

All heroes and artifacts used in the game need to be obtained through the “Summoning” system, which consumes diamonds. The summoned heroes and artifacts are all NFTs, which are stored in the player’s encrypted wallet, and can also be circulated and traded in the Bitcoin Castle market.

Summoning system and NFT trading market:

All heroes and artifacts used in the game need to be obtained through the “Summoning” system, which consumes diamonds. The summoned heroes and artifacts are all NFTs, which are stored in the player’s encrypted wallet, and can also be circulated and traded in the Bitcoin Castle market.


Daily Summons: Players can make daily free summons in the summoning system, and the daily free summoning pool contains 1-3 star artifacts and heroes;

Legendary Hero Summon: The Legendary Hero Summoning pool contains 3-5 star heroes, including rare, epic or legendary heroes;


Artifact Summoning: The Artifact Summoning Pool contains 3-star and 4-star artifacts, including rare and epic artifacts.


Rarity and value: NFT hero-level artifacts have different races/attributes, which are divided into 1-5 stars, and can be compiled into a deck for battle. 3 stars are rare level heroes, 4 stars are epic level heroes, and 5 stars are legendary level heroes. The higher the star rating, the higher the rarity, the stronger the basic attributes, and the higher the market value.

Build system:

Players can consume ores to build in the main city, and by building different facilities, they can produce and store in-game materials such as ores. The main city and facilities can be upgraded and it will be more productive after upgrade.

Buildable facilities are divided into:


Main City: The main castle in the Land of Miracles. Upgrading the main city can unlock more construction space and build more advanced buildings

farm: produce food

Granary: Increases the storage limit of food

Supplier: Manufacture all kinds of battle props, and upgrade the workshop to unlock more recipes for props

Mine: Produces ore

Ore Warehouse: Increase the stock limit of ore

Housing: Provides more space for population

Training Camp: Train new heroes and improve hero-level experience. Upgrading the training camp can unlock more training methods and train higher-quality heroes

Temple: upgrade the hero’s artifact, upgrade the temple to unlock new artifact levels

Affiliate System:

In the game, players can freely create, join and leave alliances. Alliances are divided into two identities: leaders and members. Establishing alliances will consume certain materials, and will also open unique alliance tasks. After completing alliance tasks, the members can get corresponding rewards.


The league as a whole can also participate in the competitive league to obtain more rare materials and rewards.

Hero NFT talent system:

In addition to the basic attributes, when the hero NFT is upgraded to full level and full stars, the “talent vein” can be opened for further upgrades, and more attributes and skills can be improved.


The talent road upgrade requires the consumption of talent stones. The game material is also an NFT with circulation value, which can be obtained from the chapter quest rewards after chapter 16, or can be purchased in the Bitcoin Castle trading market.

3. How to earn income at Bitcoin Castle?

“All contributors win; all players earn.”

– Game revenue: The process of user participation in Bitcoin Castle is a process of creating tokens. In the game scene, players are guided by the value of tokens along with upgrades, tasks, and battles. , it is possible to generate token rewards and NFT rewards, which are not only value attributes, but also powerful props in the game. The process of NFT circulation is the process of earning tokens.

-Ecosystem construction reward: The process of Bitcoin Castle generating value includes but is not limited to application scenarios. Users can express their ideas and suggestions on the open platform of the Bitcoin Castle community. User activity reflects the user’s active and contribution level on the platform to a certain extent. The level will affect your ecological reward, amount of airdrops and the number of airdrops. At the same time, inviting more friends to participate in the Bitcoin Castle ecosystem, players will also receive additional corresponding airdrop rewards.

-Platform circulation: Bitcoin Castle will be launched on major mainstream decentralized exchanges in the future planning, and will be circulated in the secondary market at the same time, with the development of the ecolosystem, there will be corresponding game alliance cooperation, users can hold transactions or Corresponding financial aggregators to obtain game tokens.

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