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Abstract: The cryptocurrency market was sluggish in the first half of 2020 and gradually reversed in the second half of the year. Traditional industry investors are adding digital currencies to their portfolios in a big way. In this context, KingHash, an overseas one-stop mining platform, came into being. The cost of mining is far lower than the cost of buying spot in the secondary market, which also reduces the investment risk significantly.

Recently, KingHash upgraded its intelligent one-stop mining platform. At present, it has covered the most popular mining projects (ETH mining, Filecoin mining and Chia mining). KingHash understands that each currency has different attributes and different conditions for mining. KingHash gives solutions to the problem of staking coin needed for Filecoin mining, so as to fully meet the different needs of investors and let investors experience the fun of mining without threshold.

KingHash’s three main advantages:

  • Open one click mining, convenient mining

From the very beginning, KingHash has made it its core product goal to lower the mining threshold for ordinary investors. It focuses on the concept of “convenient mining” and takes on the complexities of professional miner screening, deployment, maintenance, and technical services to provide investors with maximum convenience to achieve one-stop mining.

  • The platform carefully conducts research and strict screening to provide users with high-quality and stable Filecoin nodes.

KingHash relies on rich miners and diversified business resources to help the whole industry form an ecological closed loop. It connects the upstream and downstream of the industry to provide maximum convenience for investors. From the screening of Filecoin nodes to the withdrawal of earnings, it closely tracks the whole process to maximize the safety of investors’ investment.

  • Reduce the threshold of mining access

KingHash has direct access to the source of supply and the most cost effective graphics cards and loan channels, thanks to cooperation and investment partners. KingHash provides investors with 16T hard drive and 12T effective computing power. Compared to other platforms’96T and 128T, it greatly lowers the entry threshold for mining, making it easy for C-end users to participate in order to share the benefits of mining.

KingHash not only provides computing power for ordinary C-end investors, but also actively deploys its own mining pool to meet the needs of large capital investors, strictly selects technical teams, and guarantees users’ investment by combining high-quality mining machines with solid technical strength.

KingHash has its self-built mining pool, the single mining machine uses AMD CPU and high-quality mining machine, and the 7320 single machine computing power is up to 2T. As the storage capacity of Filecoin continues to increase, the importance of operations and maintenance has been increasing significantly in the industry. KingHash’s core technical team operates and maintains more than 100,000 mining machines, and has rich experience in operation and maintenance. Its customers include leading Internet companies such as Ali, Douyin, iQiyi, and Wangsu Technology.

KingHash’s team is a contributor to the early code of IPFS. In 2018, it received official commendation, and its team members came from 360, Ubuntu, Red Hat and other well-known companies. The mining machine mode of computing cluster+storage cluster is adopted as a whole, and the computing cluster adopts highly cost-effective AMD+Intel heterogeneous models . All machines are purchased at the lowest price in the supply chain market, which can flexibly adjust the number of machines and hard disks and balance the load. At the same time, using 10 Gigabit network link, the mining machine network structure can support an increase of 5P computing power per day for single miner, and the monitoring of mining machine cluster has achieved visualization and automation of daily maintenance. Professional operation and maintenance system effectively solves the problem of efficiency maximization and safety and reliability, ensuring that some failures will not affect the normal operation of the whole system.

In addition to professional operation and maintenance services, KingHash provides investors with the best solutions for the special characteristics of ETH mining. KingHash promises to provide investors with the most competitive electricity costs, support for multi-currency payment of electricity bills or benefit credits, support for fee-free withdrawal of currency, and fast exchange, making it easy for investors to cash out and securely capture the bull market.

About KingHash

With the industry-leading mining experience and by choosing the mining machine + cloud computing power method, KingHash one-stop mining platform provides users with convenient and safe mining services. KingHash aims to help investors broaden their investment channels and promote the healthy development of the mining industry with its leading technical strength and resource advantages to boost the healthy development of the investment ecology.

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Contact Person: Shmily Li

Company Name: KINGHASH PTE.




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