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Games have always had a strong gold-sucking effect. As long as it continues to launch new skins, new equipment, a little special offers, there will be a steady stream of money into the account.The emergence of chain games such as Axies Infinity, breaking the kryptonite convention and pushing the “earn while you play” economic model into the global spotlight, has been well received.



The mysterious Native American FOX absorbed the essence of the “earn while you play” economic model and launched Hi5BOX, the world’s first NFT innovation trading platform. FOX believes that only if players “don’t want to leave” can the platform grow in the long run. How to make players do not want to leave? To start with the Hi5BOX fan mechanism.

In the Hi5BOX platform, the most powerful thing is not that you have a top status, but that you have a top status card and at the same time have a large number of fans! Because at this time, you achieve not “play while earning”, but “lie earn”! Drinking coffee and waiting for money to fall into your account. Even if you don’t have top status, as long as you have followers and they are competent enough, your account will still have a constant flow of money!



It’s not a daydream! The NFT trading platform gives talented creators the opportunity to cash in. hi5BOX treats users as shareholders and provides players with an economic model that can make a lot of money. The only thing players need to do is to give exclusive invitation links to their friends and urge them to keep looking for interested parties. When a friend finds an interested party and then sends them his invitation link, can’t the player make a profit?

That’s not true! No matter how many new players your friend invites, as long as your friend binds you as a superior, you can get indirect benefits. As long as the benefits are enough, and the friends invited by your friends invite the friends, you can still make a profit.

Where does profit come from?

At present, the Hi5BOX platform is mainly a two-tier business model. One is the NFT creation and trading mode that the NFT trading platform has, and the other layer is Hi5BOX’s unique Unpacking Boxes to Point Star mode, that is, the process of “drawing the blind box – obtaining the constellation NFT card – lighting the constellation card slot – collecting 12 astrolabes – upgrading the identity card”. Whether it is the first layer mode or the second layer mode, the player’s fans participate in every step of the way, and the player can get a lot of share.

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If the player has a top-level identity card, the share is the highest. Hi5BOX platform player identity in turn for the angel – Cupid – Apollo – Poseidon. The player entered the Hi5BOX for the first time to obtain the angel identity, each light a constellation, the identity increased a small stage, and the harvest of fans share also increases 1%. The day to make the 12 constellation card slot, the player can harvest the fan score becomes 12%.

But! It is very important that at this time, the player can directly synthesize the Cupid identity card. After having the Cupid identity, the player can directly receive 18% of the fan share. Yes, the player only need to synthesize the identity card, pay a completely negligible fee, and he can get 6% more share of the income. At this time, if the player lights up another constellation, he can still get 1% more fan harvest. After lighting up 12 constellations, the player is sure to synthesize the Apollo identity card, because he can get 18% more fan shares.

How to play with Hi5BOX’s fan mechanics? Dear players, you don’t have to calculate too much and trust the platform! Just have a top ID card and a large number of fans to turn the daydream of lying and earning into reality.

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