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Hashspace is a borderless social application ecological chain initiated by the hashspace.n.v. Curacao foundation, invested by several international listed companies such as William Hill, and participated by several global digital economy industry associations. It is committed to building an open, transparent, collaborative and co governance application ecological universe on the chain for global users.

In the current digital world, social networking is still a separate network and an isolated island that cannot be connected. Hash universe is committed to using cutting-edge technology and humanized thinking to build an ecological platform with global social aggregation, crossing network barriers and representative applications. On the basis of social without borders, the hashspace social universe of social + payment + application ecology will bring a new era of decentralized global digital world.

Social dilemma in the digital world: social applications trapped in isolated islands

At present, the global Internet social applications are still unable to achieve the real global integration of data circulation and sharing. The problem is that social applications are trapped in information island, data island and value Island, and the world cannot be integrated.

At present, there is still a lack of universal point-to-point communication means in the world. Wechat, which is popular in China, and Facebook, which has 2 billion users in the world, are excluded by some countries. This reality has led to the blocking of national and application data flow. The separation of backbone network, protocol layer and application layer at the global level makes the efficiency of collaboration low. Whether it is the separation of optical fiber communication system in the global scope, or the barriers of network system between countries, or the limitation of Internet point-to-point communication protocol and the lack of main network application, it makes the data, traffic and value separate from each other and improves the efficiency of collaboration The potential has not been fully released. In the face of the fragmented global network and the isolated island that has not yet been opened up, social application is still a regional platform in essence, and has not formed a global application ecology. It is urgent to break down the barriers in front of social intercourse without borders.

At the same time, new breakthroughs in blockchain related technologies and concepts give new hope to the digital world. The old application of blockchain can’t solve the practical problems needed to be solved in the construction of social ecological chain without borders. For example, the existing bitcoin can’t carry the application, and Ethereum lacks the management application system, which can’t build a clear global public chain value logic. However, hashspace has explored top technology solutions including por-s consensus mechanism, high-performance public chain hybrid architecture, HS governance alliance chain, hs-ddtn network with efficient data transmission, intelligent contract with automatic execution and asymmetric encryption with extreme privacy. With highly humanized thinking and business model with economic logic, the time is ripe to break the dilemma.

Redefining the digital world: the borderless social ecological chain of hashspace

Hashspace’s ultimate mission is to build a borderless social application ecological chain and build a trusted digital universe. Hashspace starts from dust, the smallest unit, and uses por mechanism with the most efficient governance to build hashuniverse, a global alliance of nebulae and celestial bodies, with high-performance public chain hybrid architecture and efficient collaboration with global institutions.

The borderless social ecological chain of hashspice will promote the redefinition of the digital world and provide ecological solutions for global social applications. HS has broken through the network barriers set by the state. Compared with blockchain application projects such as bitcoin and Ethereum, users can bring their own VPN mechanism after they live in HS, and they can conduct global social networking without any complicated operation.

This setting not only enables the global data information to be transmitted and circulated, but also builds a global social ecological platform. Users will form a community in the form of nebula, and use the basic certificate dust to jointly build a collaborative and efficient universe ecology. The vision of global social networking in a real sense is possible driven by the mission of hashspace.

Hashspace: social + payment + application ecology

Global social without borders, which has broad prospects, should be a decentralized social network covering social networking, payment and rich application ecology.

Social networking should include business and financial exchanges. Hashspace has launched a cross chain wallet and asset trading platform, which will reduce the dimension of the payment system of traditional social networking platforms under the advantages of decentralization and global free circulation. HS wallet is responsible for the management of ecological assets. Besides supporting the transaction of he and other token assets in HS chain, it also supports the maintenance of BTC, ETH, Tron and other public chain assets.

Based on the identity of HS chain users, HS wallet creates other public chain identity addresses for each HS chain address, and maintains the private keys of other identity addresses, so as to achieve the binding of the whole chain assets and identity. HS wallet uses the private key of HS chain as the voucher for the whole chain asset transfer and contract execution, and supports cross chain smart contracts, which can complete the transfer of assets between different public chains in one contract execution. The whole chain transaction information can be found on the chain. HS wallet not only meets the needs of personal asset management, but also lays out the functions of corporate wallet and cross application centralized transfer. Through the corporate settlement system, the transfer of assets between different applications (DAPP) can be completed in milliseconds.

Social + payment platform, business model is bound to smoothly extend to build a rich application ecosystem. To this end, hashspace provides an open platform for developers to provide strong support for carrying applications. It will effectively gather the creativity of talents from all over the world and present excellent works to users. Hs-openplatform is a one-stop platform for developers to create, develop and publish applications. Developers can directly use basic DAPP services such as wallet, currency transaction, general contract, communication, distributed computing, high-performance ledger, registration center, pass service and so on by using their own HS identity, which greatly reduces the development cost of DAPP.

At the same time, based on hs-ddtn network and HS multi platform terminal, one click can complete the multi terminal online, completely eliminating the trouble of DAPP network layout and Application on the shelf. All kinds of applications are aggregated on the platform, including lottery, games, funds, real estate, gambling, e-sports, film and television, VR, stock, photography, graphic design, music, pass, e-commerce, lottery, electronic literature, animation In addition, there are many financial application scenarios, such as heterogeneous token, distributed Finance (defi), index fund, sto token, digital bond, vid token, etc.

In short, around social networking, hashspace will build a global ecological network of borderless decentralized assets, finance, payment, lottery, film and television, music, e-commerce, etc.

The birth of hashspace’s global borderless social ecological chain means that social networking in the digital world has ushered in great changes. In the process of continuously exploring the value potential of social ecological chain without borders, hashspace and many well-known enterprises (including: William Hill, 1xbet, 888, Bet365, Titan, bet, betclic, Betfair, boylesport, covers, TVG, draftking, fanduel, intertops, paddypower, Twinspires, as the leader of the global borderless social ecological chain, will break through the higher dimensions of the technical route and business model of social networking in the digital world.

The ecological universe of open, transparent, collaborative and co governance chain applications continues to expand, and social networking in the digital world will usher in a new era of the universe.

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