Sat. Jun 15th, 2024

Fox Entertainment established a $100 million foundation for NFT

MAYA NFT SWAP would further popularize NFT

Fox Entertainment Group (FEG) holds a pivotal status in US entertainment industry with business in multiple domains including movie production, terrestrial television, cable and satellite television. FEG is owned by 21st Century Fox through its wholly owned subsidiary 21st Century Fox America, Inc. The name Fox is in memory of the founder of 20th Century Fox, William Fox.

Bento Box Entertainment (BBE) is Fox Entertainment Group’s subordinate Emmy award-winning animation studio. It develops and produces quality animation content for distribution platforms worldwide such as broadcasts, streaming networks and theaters. In recent years they expanded their business into making music videos, advertisements, branding content and animated pictures for artists and brands. Bento Box’s proven experiences, innovative digital production channels and talent-centric focus enable leading writers, actors, producers, animators and content creators to develop and produce groundbreaking quality projects.


Recently, FEG and BBE announced their joint creative business department——Blockchain Creative Labs. Managing the 100-million-dollar creative foundation founded by FEG and BBE, Blockchain Creative Labs is constantly searching opportunities in NFT field. MAYA Digital Art Foundation is the first attempt of Blockchain Creative Labs in NFT industry. With their support, we are here announcing MAYA NFT SWAP, the first comprehensive NFT platform on TRON with NFT creating, publishing, managing and trading functions. Locating on TRON, MAYA will have lower GAS fee and higher TPS throughput compare to Ethereum. This enable creating and trading NFT with lower costs, which could make NFT more popular, and accelerate the shaping and developing of digital products and token world guided by creativity.

MAYA NFT SWAP lays its core value in creative mindset and artistic content. Dedicated in expanding the NFT community by content creating, platform activities, blockchain games and liquidity mining. Creating scenarios that could adapt to the GameFi protocol in NFT world. The release of MAYA NFT SWAP represents the huge ambition of FEG and BBE in NFT industry and their determination of changing the NFT market.

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