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Contract market, has increasingly become an important circuit of exchange competition.

However, most trading platforms choose to put their emphasis on marketing rather than on polishing the product, which is not a long-term solution. The performance problems of contract exchanges are particularly acute in extreme markets.

As the rookie of the 2020 contract track, FCNEX chose to overcome the difficulties of the product, improve the performance of the transaction, and strive to improve the user experience, achieving the annual system availability as high as 99.9%, which has been recognized by the market.

In particular, on some plummeting markets, FCNEX still did not occur downtime accident. During the same period, OKEX and Binance went down for a short time, and some investors failed to close their positions, resulting in heavy losses.

Perpetual contracts, the way forward for the derivatives market

USDT perpetual contract refers to a contract product that uses USDT as margin and settlement method. The margin of the contract and the profit and loss of the account are denominated in USDT.

Prior to 2019 when USDT perpetual contracts began to become popular, contract exchanges basically used coin based reverse contracts;

In general, USDT perpetual contracts are user-friendly and more suitable for non-institutional investors, while coin based reverse contracts are more suitable for institutional users.

FCNEX collects real-time trading data from the world’s top exchanges and uses a composite calculation of time-weighted median and weighted average to avoid derivatives risk caused by malicious manipulation of the spot market and to ensure investors’ assets are not coveted to the greatest degree.

Focus on product design and improve user experience

The crypto market is always dynamic, and some investors will adopt different trading strategies in order to maximize returns, which requires the contract platform to be able to adapt to the needs of traders. Because of this, FCNEX has been optimizing product design to maximize the multifaceted needs of traders for products.

Abundant derivative instrument

FCNEX provides the safe, reliable and transparent trading services, it can prevent the possible malicious market manipulation behaviors from the underlying architecture, the probability of users’ liquidation is almost zero. (Platform with rich derivatives instrument,currently push trading and the futures (sustainable) transaction,have real-time access to the top of big exchanges trading data, through time-sharing weighted median and a weighted average of, in order to avoid the futures market is caused by malicious manipulation of derivatives investment risk.)


Low fees and high liquidity

In addition, FCNEX combines with the traditional DMM of financial markets, connects multiple high-quality market-makers to provide a platform with high liquidity, and guarantees the optimal user contract matching efficiency. When the platform is designing the trading process, it provides OTC services with low service fees to satisfy the exchange needs of users for various assets, and connects to third-party service providers to facilitate one-click trading for users.


No Cashback

FCNEX adopts ADL allocation and reduction mechanism, combined with the DMM mentioned above, to avoid the risk of users’ liquidation to a great extent, even if it happens, the platform can bear by itself, users do not need to bear any losses of liquidation , so FCNEX supports users to withdraw your assets in real time.

At the end

Most contract exchanges launch their new products with a flurry of hype, but not enough introduction. Users are more in a state of ignorance, not careful and the risk of loss.

FCNEX is willing to spend time and energy giving users a more intuitive feeling through polishing products and operation videos. This is the confidence of the product, but also responsible for users.


FCNEX is a digital currency derivatives trading service platform with a MSB Licence in Canada and a Financial Licence in Australia and a American MSB Licence. Registered in the United States in 2020, it is affiliated to FCNEX US Limited, and provides 7*24 hours professional derivatives trading services to users around the world. At present, the service users are mainly distributed in India, Canada, Malaysia, Vietnam, the United States and other countries.

The current daily trading volume on the platform has exceeded $1 billion. The exchange adopts the index design of benchmarking CME, the margin system of all categories and positions, and professional market maker rules to provide professional derivatives trading services for individuals and financial institutions. It aims to create an open, transparent, safe and efficient platform.


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