Wed. Jul 24th, 2024

With the explosive growth of NFTs (non-fungible tokens) in the blockchain ecosystem and Facebook turning its head to “Yuan”, Metaverse has entered mainstream public awareness.

To this end, we will use tools in the technological world to express and improve the content of our encounters and experiences in the physical world. The huge search world, augmented reality, virtual reality and the Internet will be used as a shared virtual 3D space, connecting all the social, gaming, shopping, research, education and financial projects we use. All these projects will be in the digital ecosystem Interrelated and interactive.

The DMP Metaverse will become the center of all this, a universe itself.


Comprehensive layout of DMP Metaverse

DMP Metaverse is a collection of multiple elements such as massively multiplayer online games, open missions, editable worlds, XR portals, AI content generation, economic systems, social systems, avatar systems, decentralized authentication systems, and realistic scenarios.


DMP Metaverse will deploy the entire production chain, including investment in games, artificial intelligence, VR hardware, data services, cloud computing, etc. To lower the user threshold and expand the market, it is necessary to separate computing from the client, and complete computing in the cloud or real-time cloud rendering. Therefore, the cloud system that dynamically allocates computing power will also become an important infrastructure of Metaverse.

In order to achieve maximum freedom in the DMP meta-universe, AI technology needs to develop from traditional decision trees and state machines to more advanced deep learning and reinforcement learning, so as to create a randomly generated and never repeated game experience, and get rid of artificial scripting. Restrictions allow players to explore and create freely.

DMP Metaverse has been promoted in many countries around the world, and has already achieved a very big response. It has received blessings from communities all over the world. Community users in many countries around the world have expressed their aspirations with their actual actions. DMP Metaverse Always in action.


DMP Metaverse is recognized by communities and users in many countries, which means that DMP Metaverse is realizing its majestic blueprint step by step. DMP Metaverse will surely lead all people participating in this revolution in the world to a brand new illusory DMP meta universe.

DMPMetaverse a brand-new wealth feast, the world is in action, join us, go, go, go!

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