Tue. Jun 18th, 2024

ACF Meta Universe “Star Casting Project” is officially launched. In order to meet the liquidity required in the initial stage of the ACF full-stack metauniverse financial agreement, Uniswap Foundation, YFI Kojin Lab and the American Wall Street investment giant Blackstone Group announced a strong alliance with the ACF full-stack metauniverse financial agreement and reached a strategic cooperation . Jointly create the “Star Casting Project” of the macro-world of Metaverse, and build a global autonomous community alliance based on the DAO governance contract.

The ACF “Star Casting Project” will also continue to bring greater benefits to ACF participants around the three cores of stability, endurance, and multiplication. Open the door to the meta universe world through the “Star Casting Project” and connect real-world financial applications with the meta universe world. The ACF Global Autonomous Community Alliance will be composed of all participants of the Casting Star Project, which will reflect all consensus through the DAO governance contract, and collectively govern the ACF full-stack meta-universe financial agreement. Uniswap has previously announced that it will invest 500,000 UNIs to support ACF’s development of a decentralized financial ecosystem on Metaverse.

The first project of the ACF Star Project is to build a liquidity pot in the JUSTSWAP decentralized exchange. The liquidity pot will provide sufficient liquidity for ACF, so users can trade at any time without having to wait for another counterparty to appear and match the transaction. A larger ACF liquidity pot can reduce slippage and bring a better trading experience. The ACF liquidity pot will automatically increase or decrease the supply of corresponding tokens based on market purchase demand. The magnitude of price changes depends on the size of the transaction and is proportional to the size of the liquidity pot. Compared with trading, the larger the liquidity pot, the smaller the impact on prices.

Construct a global autonomous community alliance based on the DAO governance contract, which is composed of all the participants of the Star Casting Project. Through the DAO governance contract, all consensus is reflected, and the ACF full-stack meta-universal financial agreement is collectively governed. The ACF Global Autonomous Community Alliance has no formal leadership, so it is decentralized; any member is allowed to make decisions, so it is autonomous. The ACF Global Autonomous Community Alliance is task-driven, and the main goal is to create value, with profits ranking second. Once a member of the DAO, everyone is related to the success of the project. Each member’s contribution will be motivated in terms of income, and spontaneously contribute their best labor to the project.

The ACF Global Community Alliance has created a high degree of consensus and will realize a decentralized financial ecology through the meta-universe world. The launch of the “Star Casting Project” will be an important part of ACF’s global value enhancement and a sustainable development environment. Among the participating users of the ACF Star Project, institutional participants or ordinary users have the same rights and interests. This is a rare investment opportunity in 2021.

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