Sat. Jun 15th, 2024

There is no complete competitor to the Silicoin project. Other Chia Fork project such as Flax and Spare are simply copies of Chia's projects, and there are no other innovations and features. As the Chia Fork project with the highest mining revenue, the largest user base, the widest international consensus, and the strongest innovation capabilities, Silicoin has strong competitiveness. As a representative of Chia Fork project, Silicoin's Netspace value ranks second. Unlike other simply copied fork projects, Silicoin has made many optimizations and improvements, such as incentive staking (non-mandatory staking, optional staking can be Increase mining capacity to achieve PoW+PoS), application nodes, anonymous transfers, and smart contracts. Silicoin is the only project truly upgraded and developed based on Chia to realize the balanced consensus mechanism of POS+POW. Calculated based on the current price, the daily mining revenue is the highest among similar projects.

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