Wed. Jul 24th, 2024

Digital asset management fund companies in the United States, according to coindesk BlockFi technology company, is also encrypted currency union recently and digital mining consensus (Asia) co., LTD., a strategic cooperation, agree on the overall distributed mining operation, and the digital mining consensus alliance (Asia) co., LTD., solely responsible for Asia Pacific, It will conduct in-depth cooperation with CHIA/IPFS mines in Asia Pacific region. Give full play to the advantages of source aggregation, make use of professional technology, fully explore the potential value of digital assets, and create the ecological space of digital assets in the financial field.

According to the data, BlockFi, headquartered in New York, is a digital asset mortgage servicer. BlockFi offers loans and digital custody services for digital asset owners, allowing users to apply for loans using bitcoin and Ether as collateral. By entrusting users' encrypted digital assets to a registered custodian, and then reporting lending behavior data to the credit investigation department to update borrowers' credit scores, users can earn high returns. This means that the fund platform will provide more professional and more compliant digital financial services for digital finance enthusiasts around the world.

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