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After the BitCherry test network formally launched version v1.0.1 and v2.0.1 BitCherry test network on-line version of the official update, BitCherry distributed ecological fund was established, and invested 10 million US dollars for the development of environmental chain applications, competition, incubation, and investment.


At the same time open, BitCherry’s “All Spark Plan” to develop more valuable, has the potential to blockchain business applications, enrich BitCherry distributed business ecosystem. Developer can deploy development on the BitCherry chain, run DApp; the registration project’s operation has been assessed to give out the Top 10 “Super Spark” incubator reward.


BitCherry looks forward to a distributed business application development technology that has a bright future of cohesion, community, and ecological resources so that new technologies make up less than current commercial blockchain there is the underlying architecture to provide high performance, high security, high global commerce available underlying technical support and solutions. On the other side, “the fire source” also represents the diversity and ecological sustainability BitCherry’s future.


Outstanding technical advantages provide strong technical support


The public chain generally encourages participants to compete for bookkeeping through the token mechanism. Therefore, the public chain project’s value will be reflected in the token’s worth, but the final deal will inevitably return to the technical matter. Thus, the judgment of the future development of the public chain requires technical evaluation of the project. Performance evaluation from well-chain technology, scalability, privacy, security, stability, and other dimensions, the advantages can be seen by BitCherry comparison technique mainly:


  1. High Performance: The consensus nodes of the entire network are expanded to more than 100,000+, while the nodes participating in the consensus of each transaction are controlled within hundreds, and the TPS is stable to more than one million. Even if there are tens of thousands of BCHC transactions per second, it is still not. It will affect the security and stability BitCherry network. Bos said that TPS could reach more than one million, IRIS, Cosmos, and Polkadot said that TPS had reached thousands of levels, and ETH2.0 is currently claimed to reach 100,000 levels. The sharding technology has solved the block congestion problem caused by insufficient TPS to a certain extent. Therefore, BitCherry world’s leading chain of public representation based on technological evolution will continue iteration.


  1. Scalability: BitCherry aBFT asynchronous algorithm and relying on the longitudinal side chains + horizontal fragmentation expansion of design to solve congestion blocks, which means that phenomenal trendy application resource consumption do not affect other App on the chain. In contrast, DApps can only issue coins on Ethereum and cannot establish a blockchain. All DApp applications on Ethereum can only share one main chain, and BitCherry can support few application scenarios. Although EOS solves the scalability problem to a certain extent through the consensus algorithm, this mechanism will also cause the users who have a large number of tokens to generate blocks, creating a vicious circle of “The Gap between Rich and Poor.”


  1. Privacy Security: BitCherry run a full node attached to the structure HashGraph and does not require heavy workload proved ensure decentralized at the same time, can point to point encryption of information to protect the privacy of user data in the interactive process Safety. In contrast, AWS provides services for more than 25% of the world’s applications on Ethereum, and the platform can easily collect user data, so users lose the right to choose their privacy.


  1. Decentralized: BitCherry use sharding, side chain inHash algorithm, while the longitudinal extension of the side chain consensus full network node, to achieve a fully decentralized network. Generally speaking, it is challenging to achieve complete decentralization, especially in the pursuit of higher performance. Therefore, most public chains can only be regarded as incomplete decentralization or even partial centralization. For example, the high degree of centralization of the NEO node network has been widely controversial, and the deficiencies of the Bos consensus also tend to be centralized.


  1. Stability: After efficiency and security, stabilityis also one of its essential properties. The performance stability determines whether the public chain can produce blocks stably and whether it will be affected by malicious attacks. The average block generation time and average block generatestability will affect how long an operation in the DApp can be completed and the continued strength. At present, many times, an average chain well as IRIS, Cosmos, and the like Polkadot block efficiency was less than 10 seconds, BitCherry IPv8 protocol ensures that the block is more efficient.


Summary: The existing P2P protocols are well-chained in the Master IPv4 / IPv6 WAN end TCP transport layer. BitCherry IPv8 works within the protocols more underlying IP network layer and the data link layer, Achieved unprecedented technological innovation in the industry. BitCherry blockchain based on the underlying technology framework IPv8 created to help developers quickly create and customize their complete blockchain; BitCherry distributed ecological funds quality projects will be selected to provide technical support, so developers can more easily Develop a whole blockchain.

Test network upgrade highlights

BitCherry test network an upgraded version of v1.0.1-BitCherry test network v2.0.1 version optimized consensus algorithm block synchronization and stability, added features verifier, the verifier punishment mechanism, users staking function, sub-account management functions, And the sub-currency of the ERC20 standard. Before BitCherry’s main network formally launched, we will continue to test the network’s iterative multi-stage delivery update function by a fixed stage. Next, BitCherry’s focus will be based on BitCherry testnet v2.0.1, optimizing speed and data redundancy consensus algorithm, ongoing optimization in terms of infrastructure, system stability, security, etc. Besides, it will be iterated and improved in terms of cross-chain and IPFS modules.


BitCherry test network version v2.0.1 has achieved most of the functions of the main network. In Future, BitCherry technical team will continue to strive for excellence, perfection, and rich technical content, to provide a safe, stable and efficient development environment for developers to create user can serve all types of commercial, high-performance, high-security, high availability can be Expand the IPv8 blockchain infrastructure platform to provide lasting and fresh vitality for the distributed business ecosystem.


Special Ecological Support Fund of US $10 million


March 25, 2021, BitCherry established distributed ecological fund. The US$10 million invested by the fund is used to expand the environmental development of the chain, and provide ecological developers with funds, technology and operation promotion, and other diversified support. BitCherry distributed ecological quality projects selected for funding will provide financial aid or a team for setting a special incubator fund to provide start-up capital and the subsequent financing docking high-quality business projects. March 27, BitCherry officially launch the “Allspark plan,” BitCherry Distributed Eco Fund also announced that it would be formally put into a special fund of 10 million dollars for the development of ecological projects, competitions, incubators, and investment. Which was rated as a “Super Spark” project, will have access to investment opportunities BitCherry distributed ecological fund.


BitCherry, deploying as a global chain system to build, can serve all commercial IPv8 blockchain infrastructure. Future, BitCherry will continue to prosper globally to achieve the overall ecological health of distributed electricity suppliers, autonomy, better development.


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