Tue. Jun 18th, 2024

The digital economy is an intelligent stage characterized by blockchain, artificial intelligence and big data deep mining and fusion application. Facing the new social state, the digital economy is flourishing, giving full play to the benefits of technological innovation, changing the current way of technology application and playing the role of technology to empower society, blockchain technology accelerates the development of let digital assets, in the future, crypto assets will be in the development of the global digital economy MAR is fast-tracked to become a pioneer in the digital era and aims to position itself as the world’s leading public chain for commercial applications in the digital asset industry.

The mission of the MAR public chain is to build relevant, accessible and high quality technology that creates communities of value in a mature and regulated ecosystem. MAR is creating a blockchain ecosystem where anyone can participate, through a liquid application chain based on blockchain digital assets, the sheer size of the underlying public chain, and the value of the data, creating an innovation and pattern in all types of blockchain application services.

With the underlying technical support of Firecoin Smart Chain + Ether, MAR focuses on the blockchain ecology based on NFT and meta-universe, realizing virtual and network interconnection, making the network connection more relevant and valuable by combining people, processes, data and things together. MAR has accumulated rich industry and technology experience in many fields such as blockchain, IoT, AI, NFT, metaverse, VR/AR, etc. MAR has made industry-leading breakthroughs in blockchain underlying technology development and application. Build the consensus of the NFT community in the ecology with the meta-universe game as the main focus, and build a sound Defi financial services infrastructure as the backbone. Optimising the limitations of very low liquidity in the board to build out a shared, open, free, infinitely cyclical and autonomously evolving MAR meta-universe.


MAR’s ultimate vision is to create a mutually beneficial and win-win ecological platform that provides an infrastructure for ecological applications based on digital passwords and digital assets. Taking the blockchain’s function of carrying value and delivering value to the extreme, and the blockchain’s concept of equality and openness, for greater global reach, MAR provides a cross-chain infrastructure to enable DAO’s governance model to expand its user base, distribute passes and develop more applications powered by NFT, DeFi, etc. In addition, we draw on the experience of outstanding industry leaders to form a technical architecture that extends from the underlying facilities of the public chain to the support of application expansion, expanding from a single point of prosperity for the MAR public chain to a region-wide prosperity for a large system of applications circulating across various industries on the entire MAR public chain!

Standing in the future of blockchain, MAR global launch is bound to create the third largest digital asset in the world, and together we will go to a thousand times, ten thousand times future!

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